Dr. Parkinson has written a variety of other books on subjects as diverse as persuasion, job-hunting, and early childhood education. Here is a brief overview of those books and some professional testimonials.
Becoming a Successful Manager
How to Get People To Do Things Your Way
Get working: An Agenda for Action
How To Get a Fast Start in Today's Job Market
How To Take Charge of Your Child's Early Education
Planning Your Young Child's Education

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Becoming a Successful Manager
Jack H. Grossman & J. Robert Parkinson
Organizations expect high performance from newly appointed managers as well as seasoned ones. Becoming a Successful Manager is a practical guide written for managers who have been rewarded promotions, but lack the education, training or experience needed to be excellent performers in this role.
Through exercises, examples, practical principles and techniques, this book walks you though a variety of situations you may encounter and problems you may need to resolve as a manager. Each chapter could be its own course on how to manage complex situations. Some of those situations have been noted on this site. However, you will find the complete answers, as well as tools and exercises in the book.
Reviews about the book
"This is the best book Iíve ever read on how to be a great manager. It should be required reading for all new managers, and would even make an outstanding refresher course for seasoned professionals. Itís full of practical insights, helpful examples, and all the right values. I plan on recommending it widely."
Tom Morris
Morris Institute for Human Values
Author of True Success, and If Aristotle Ran General Motors

"The authors have made an anatomical evaluation of the practical doís and doníts to becoming an outstanding manager. They create a powerful, easy to read and comprehensible text that will benefit managers at all levels. For organizations seeking to create competitive advantage through people development, the tenets and practical suggestions put forth become a living process and mandatory reading."
Dorset Sutton
Vice President/Managing Director
South East Asia Region

"This is a great book for new managers! It provides effective tips, especially in delivering constructive criticism, conducting interviews and running meetings. I would recommend it as mandatory reading."
Joan Gundlach
Vice President, Affiliate Sales
Central Region
A&E Television Networks

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