Dr. Parkinson has written a variety of other books on subjects as diverse as persuasion, job-hunting, and early childhood education. Here is a brief overview of those books and some professional testimonials.
Becoming a Successful Manager
How to Get People To Do Things Your Way
Get working: An Agenda for Action
How To Get a Fast Start in Today's Job Market
How To Take Charge of Your Child's Early Education
Planning Your Young Child's Education

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How to Get People To Do Things Your Way - J. Robert Parkinson
This book has been translated into eight languages and is in its second edition.
Success in business - in relationships - in life - depends on knowing what you want and knowing how to get it. To succeed on your own terms, you must first learn to identify your goals and then master the techniques for achieving them.
This book shows how to do just that. Study these techniques, and you'll soon find yourself getting what you want from every situation.
Reviews about the book
"Sound, straight forward, practical advice that gives a significant edge to the reader willing to implement a plan and a goal."
Raymon Pecuch, Senior Vice President
Kemper Securities, Inc

"Parkinson's book should be mandatory reading for anyone who wants to be self-reliant and compete in the rapidly emerging Information Age."
Jack Callahan, former President
Business Insurance, Allstate Insurance

"Who couldn't use an edge? Parkinson's book contains ideas and suggestions that could be used to anyone's advantage."
Dr. James Hall, Professor of Psychology
Northwestern University

"Beyond the psycho-babble and self-help jargon, this book explains in clear language how to compete in today's fast-paced world."
Steve Gritton, Senior Vice President
Leo Burnett Company, Inc.

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