Dr. Parkinson has written a variety of other books on subjects as diverse as persuasion, job-hunting, and early childhood education. Here is a brief overview of those books and some professional testimonials.
Becoming a Successful Manager
How to Get People To Do Things Your Way
Get working: An Agenda for Action
How To Get a Fast Start in Today's Job Market
How To Take Charge of Your Child's Early Education
Planning Your Young Child's Education

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Get working: An Agenda for Action - J. Robert Parkinson
This book is like a meeting agenda with a variety of topics and ideas to be discussed and acted upon when contemplating moving into the job market - getting a job.
Some readers might be job-hunting for the first time while others are doing it again after retiring or raising a family.
For the newcomer these ideas might be brand new; for those "returning" they might provide a new strategy or a maybe even a "push" to try something different.

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