Dr. Parkinson has written a variety of other books on subjects as diverse as persuasion, job-hunting, and early childhood education. Here is a brief overview of those books and some professional testimonials.
Becoming a Successful Manager
How to Get People To Do Things Your Way
Get working: An Agenda for Action
How To Get a Fast Start in Today's Job Market
How To Take Charge of Your Child's Early Education
Planning Your Young Child's Education
How To Get a Fast Start in Today's Job Market - J. Robert Parkinson
Armed with this indispensable guide, you'll learn a step-by-step, specific plan of attack for cracking the tough job market, finding a good position, and gaining a winning edge on the competition.
Good communication skills and a positive attitude are essential keys to a successful job search, and this book will provide the skills and techniques you'll need.

"This book seems to be as complete a compendium of advice to younger job seekers as has been written. The range of amazingly exhaustive, but not exhausting."

"I have never read more engaging and palatable advice on one of the world's most ego-bruising subjects, job hunting."

"I am going to see that every one of my students is exposed to this book."

Richard J. Thain, Assistant Dean and
Director of Placement
Graduate School of Business
University of Chicago

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