Dr. Parkinson has written a variety of other books on subjects as diverse as persuasion, job-hunting, and early childhood education. Here is a brief overview of those books and some professional testimonials.
Becoming a Successful Manager
How to Get People To Do Things Your Way
Get working: An Agenda for Action
How To Get a Fast Start in Today's Job Market
How To Take Charge of Your Child's Early Education
Planning Your Young Child's Education

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How To Take Charge of Your Child's Early Education - J. Robert Parkinson
Education doesn't begin with school - it begins with your child's first breath. And the responsibility for your young child's education lies in your hands. As a parent, you know your child's talents and needs better than anyone. Only you can provide a lifetime of observation, continuity, and direction.
This book gives you the information you need, in the easy-to-use format you want. You'll find answers to all of the most commonly asked questions about how to evaluate your child's first school and possible teachers.

"This book is a timely, informative, and important guide for today's parents. At a time when change is occurring at an astonishing rate, and education is seemingly more important than ever, parents are frequently bewildered as to what the future holds for then and especially for their children."

"Through the chapters regarding the selection of schools, Dr. Parkinson emphasizes two important points: Partnership and Participation. Criteria and questions relating to the professional abilities of teachers, administrators, librarians, and other staff who will assist in children's educational life are provided."

"Dr. Parkinson provides parents with knowledge of the basic foundations that they can provide to ensure the best possible education for their children."

Susan Belgrad
Professor of Early Childhood Education
National-Louis University

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